At the Bishop Law Office our attorney understands the emotional turmoil created when marriages fail and when former partners disagree about child support and custody issues.  We are dedicated to helping our clients work through these issues both in the courtroom and in their personal lives so that they may face the future with an uplifted sense of self and with the financial resources to live as comfortably as possible and to take care of their children.  We believe in the wisdom of co-parenting children and raising them to love BOTH of their parents.  We understand that sometimes that ideal isn’t possible, but encourage our clients to make it their goal.

Having been through a divorce herself, our attorney is well versed in learning to co-parent and our law firm is devoted to helping clients negotiate the tricky landscape created when two people, living apart, must establish guidelines and agreements regarding their children.  Our attorney firmly believes in setting aside personal differences to create a stable, loving foundation in both parents’ homes.  To that end, our law firm encourages clients to pursue alternatives to litigation such as collaborative law, settlement, and mediation.  Our attorney has been a member of the Collaborative Law Institute of Missouri, Inc., and remains dedicated to the goals of the collaborative process.

Additionally, Shelley will assist you in valuing your marital assets to include real property, personal property and businesses owned by the parties; division of those assets; and determination of the need for and ability to receive maintenance,what used to be called alimony.

Should the various alternatives to litigation fail, our attorney enthusiatically engages in litigation to obtain the best result possible for our clients.

If you are in need of advice regarding a family law matter, please contact our office at 816.903.3333 to schedule a consultation.